Days full of wonders make this week feel like it was a month ! A fantastic itinery covering the Island from North to South and East to West –  around Socotra with 3 cars and a most lovely “kitchen-crew” !  Crossing different landscapes, here and there tough off-road rides straight up and down stony paths, learning about healing plants, exploring caves, following the dolphins,  swimming in unreal natural pools, between Dragonblood Trees, Desert Roses, Cucumber Trees, Egyptian Vultures and goats, camping at abondant places, starry nights, bonfires at the beach and every day a fresh fish on the dish !

Passing villages, bedouins, waving children, women in black and colourful girls, boys playing football in the afternoon sun, newly built schools, colored Yemeni doors, forlorn Russian Tanks, the mix of Africa and Arabia, or beyond – an overall unique place, where the Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean meet, once-in-a-lifetime? I miss it already 😉