View of a dragon blood tree taken from below towards the crown - one of the island's landmarks.
Locals navigate a colorful boat onto the beach

Review by Mervat Kassem – Socotra Trip

“Socotra Trip with Dabuka. A well organized comprehensive trip to the most friendly, peace loving and content people in a heavenly pristine and bizarre island.”

From Fiona

“Our Socotra Trip was amazing. Full of wonders–everyday! The schedule couldn’t be faulted, packed enough. So we felt we had truly seen the island, but also with sufficient time to relax at Socotra’s beautiful white sandy beaches and turquoise sea.

And our guide and crew could not have been kinder or more helpful. Go now while this paradise remains unspoilt.”

Testimonial from Marina

“Even though Dabuka’s picture presentation had let me fall in love with Socotra, I was still reluctant to actually commit to the trip. Such a strange world to go to plus my first ever camping trip! But then a friend said- “I am going” and suddenly it became all possible. The “dragon island” was everything that was promised. But somehow much less “fierce” or “challenging” than I had anticipated. As a matter of fact, the crew took wonderful care of us. They were open in any case to all our requests and even as a vegetarian they took excellent care of my meals.”

From Jan

“Having the opportunity to visit the isolated island of Socotra was so special. There were stunning beaches and coastal scenery. Furthermore we experienced exquisite snorkeling, interesting trees, a massive cave and fresh-water streams. Undoubtedly, each day was full of surprises.
Thanks to Dabuka and the local travel company, Eco Tours. We were able to spend a week camping all over this natural paradise amongst the kind and proud Socotri people.”

Final Opinion – Socotra Trip

“Yes, we did have to accept a downgrade in our bathroom routines. But when a friend asked me, whether I would do it again, my answer was a straight “yes!”. And when she asked me further, which locations / day trips I would skip, I said wholeheartedly “not a single one!! Each and everyone was unique. I am still feeling so blessed that I have been able to go there and experience it!”
by Marina

[Socotra – colorful hustle and bustle at the Hadibouh market. Local men negotiate to buy meat while drinking tea. Hadibouh Socotra – local men buying meat at the market[/caption]

Socotra Grand Tour: Unique Flora and Landscape

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