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A tour group seeks shade under a dragon's blood tree in Socotra and poses for a souvenir photo after a hike through green landscapes

Wonderful Socotra Memories Socotra – Days full of wonders make this week feel like it was a month ! A fantastic itinery covering the Island from North to South and East to West, We traveled around Socotra with 3 cars […]

Ultimate Insider Ways to the Sensational Wonders of Socotra
View of a dragon blood tree taken from below towards the crown - one of the island's landmarks.

Review by Mervat Kassem – Socotra Trip “Socotra Trip with Dabuka. A well organized comprehensive trip to the most friendly, peace loving and content people in a heavenly pristine and bizarre island.” From Fiona “Our Socotra Trip was amazing. Full […]

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Perfect hotel in Egypt – Customer testimonial from Christoph, Germany Perfect hotel in Egypt – Hotel Wadi Lahmy Azur Resort offers rooms with sea views and balconies, providing excellent water for swimming and snorkeling. It’s incredibly beautiful, a place of […]

Unvealing Egypt’s Hidden secrets: Unique and Everything You Need.
In the Beja Land 5.46.01 AM.web

A Hidden Gem in Egypt’s Eastern Desert Wadi Gemal – Safari and Trekking – A Natural Sanctuary Located in Egypt’s Eastern Desert, Wadi Gemal is a mesmerizing destination that offers a unique blend of natural beauty, historical significance, and cultural […]

Stunning Trekking Tip 2024: More adventure guaranteed For Enthusiasts
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For a mountain lover like myself an absolute must. The landscape is breathtaking and the tour was incredibly well organised while still giving us enough freedom to explore. Really hope to come back one day to explore more. Thank you […]

Mountaineering Tour
Marsa Alam to Luxor 9.06.17 PM.web

Exploring the Eastern Desert: A Day Trip to Remember Spectacular Landscapes and Endless Horizons ” Eastern Desert – Absolutely breathtaking!! Our day trip into the Eastern Desert was beyond worth it. The vast landscapes stretched out before us in spectacular […]

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