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Egyptian Odyssey Tour: Nile Cruise and Desert Safari 

Desert Safari and more: In the heart of Egypt lies an adventure like no other - the Egyptian Odyssey Tour - a Nile Cruise and Egypt Desert Safari. This immersive journey takes you on a captivating exploration of Egypt's rich history, stunning landscapes, and cultural treasures.

Nile Cruise Adventure

Embark on a Nile Cruise, drifting serenely along the iconic river that has sustained civilizations for millennia. Marvel at the majestic temples of Luxor and Aswan. Ancient pharaohs left their mark on the sands of time here. As you glide along the Nile, you'll witness the timeless beauty of Egypt's riverbanks. Lush greenery and traditional villages offer glimpses into daily life along the river.

Thrilling Desert Safari

But the adventure doesn't stop there. Venture into the vast deserts of Egypt on a thrilling safari. Camp under the starlit skies of the White Desert. Surreal landscapes of pristine white sands and unique rock formations surround you. Explore the otherworldly terrain of the Black Desert. Mountains eroded to coat the desert with a layer of black powder and rocks give it its name. At the Crystal Mountain, marvel at the glittering calcite crystal walls and pose for photos in this natural wonder.

Exploring Ancient Civilizations

Throughout your Egyptian Odyssey Tour, you'll encounter remnants of ancient civilizations. From the temples of Kom Ombo and Edfu to the mysterious oases of Kharga and Dakhla. Explore the ancient Christian cemetery of El Bagawat and the Temple of Hibis. Dating back to the Saite-Persian period, these sites offer insights into Egypt's diverse cultural heritage. Delve into the rich history of the Dakhla Oasis, situated at the southernmost end of Egypt. Historically, it linked important trade routes connecting it to other oases and the Nile Valley.

Nile Cruise and Desert Safari -  Creating Lasting Memories

With each day of your journey, you'll uncover new wonders and create lasting memories. Whether you're gazing upon the towering pyramids of Giza or savoring the tranquility of a Nubian village, the Egyptian Odyssey Tour promises an adventure like no other.

Book Your Tour

Book your Egyptian Odyssey Tour today and embark on a voyage through history, nature, and culture in the land of the pharaohs.

Nile Cruise an Desert Safari - Details

First Day: Aswan Embarkation

Board our ship to begin our journey into the world of the pharaohs. Explore the monumental Aswan High Dam, a marvel of modern engineering that has transformed the landscape and provided vital resources to Egypt and Sudan. Continue to the enchanting Temple of Philae, dedicated to the goddess Isis and relocated by UNESCO to preserve its ancient beauty. Optional: Experience the rich culture of a Nubian Village with a traditional dinner and show on board. Overnight on your boat in Aswan.

Second Day: Kom Ombo - Edfu

Start the day with breakfast on board as we sail to Kom Ombo, home to the unique double temple honoring the gods Horus and Sobek. Explore the fascinating blend of Egyptian and Graeco-Roman architecture dating back to the Ptolemaic dynasty. After lunch, set sail for Edfu and admire the passing river landscape. Discover the remarkably preserved Temple of Horus, dedicated to the falcon-headed god, in this ancient city steeped in history. Enjoy dinner on board as we cruise to Luxor. Overnight on the boat in Luxor.

Third Day: Luxor

Begin the day with breakfast on board before immersing yourself in the treasures of Luxor, the former capital of ancient Egypt. Explore the legendary Valley of the Kings, where the tombs of pharaohs reveal the secrets of their dynasties. Marvel at the imposing Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, a testament to the power and grandeur of Egypt's female rulers. Visit the iconic Memnon Colossi before lunch on board. In the afternoon, delve into the majestic Karnak Temple Complex, the largest ancient religious site in the world. Enjoy dinner, disco, and music on board as we overnight in Luxor.

Forth Day: Luxor Disembarkation - Start Desert Safari

Enjoy breakfast on board before checking out and disembarking in Luxor. Optional: Experience the breathtaking beauty of Luxor from above with a hot air balloon trip. Then, journey into the Western Desert towards the oases of Kharga and Dakhla. Along the way, explore the ancient Christian cemetery of El Bagawat and the Temple of Hibis, offering insights into Egypt's rich cultural heritage. Arrive at the Dakhla Oasis, a tranquil haven surrounded by lush landscapes and natural springs. Overnight in the Hotel Desert Lodge or similar.

Fifth Day: Dakhla - White Desert - Desert Safari pure

Explore the charm of the Dakhla Oasis with a leisurely walk through the village of El-Qasr, where ancient ruins and historic landmarks abound. Visit the Mosque and Madrasa of El-Qasr, dating back to the Ayyubid Period, and the sandstone temple of Deir el-Hagar. Then, journey to the iconic White Desert, a surreal landscape of pristine white sands and towering rock formations. Spend the night in a hotel in Farafra, after a visit to the heart of this natural wonder - the White Desert.

Sixth Day: White Desert - Bahariya Oasis

Discover the wonders of the White Desert, including the awe-inspiring Crystal Mountain and the stark beauty of the Black Desert. Continue to the Bahariya Oasis, a picturesque landscape surrounded by towering black escarpments. Explore the unique terrain and surreal scenery before overnighting in Bahareya (Old Oases Hotel or similar).

Seventh Day: Bahariya Oasis - Cairo

Depart Bahariya Oasis and journey back to Cairo. Take an evening stroll through the bustling streets or relax at a street café, soaking in the vibrant atmosphere of the city. Overnight in Pearl Hotel or similar.

Eighth Day: Cairo and departure of Nile Cruise and Desert Safari

After Breakfast we will have a transfer to Cairo International Airport.

Nile Cruise - Desert Safari - Cancellation Policy

  1. Cancellation by Participant:
    If you cancel your booking, the following charges apply:

    • 30 days or more before departure: 85% refund.
    • Less than 5 days before departure: No refund.
  2. Cancellation by Us:
    If we need to cancel the tour due to unforeseen circumstances or insufficient participation, you will receive a full refund. We are not liable for any additional expenses you incur due to the cancellation.

  3. No-shows:
    No refunds for failing to join the tour on the scheduled date or time.

  4. Refund Process:
    Refunds will be processed within 30 days of your cancellation request and issued using the same payment method as the initial booking.

  5. Travel Insurance:
    We strongly recommend purchasing comprehensive travel insurance to cover trip cancellations, medical emergencies, and travel disruptions.

Please review and accept these policies before confirming your reservation. Contact us with any questions or concerns.

  • Private Tour
  • National Flight (Cairo - Aswan)
  • Accommodations 4 Nights Hotels.
  • Accommodations 3 Nights Nile Cruise
  • Meals 7 B / 4 L / 4 D
  • Nile Cruise Aswan - Luxor
  • Entrance fees for all the sites mentioned in the program.
  • Guidance & Organization.
  • All transportation like mentioned.
  • International flights
  • Visa fees
  • Drinks in restaurants and hotels
  • Meals not mentioned.
  • Tips for the guide and staff.
  • Travel insurance or any kind of insurances.
  • Anything that is not mentioned in the program.
  • Optional programs.

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