Luxor has been a tourist mecca since the mid.19th century. It means in Arabic “The Palaces” and during ancient times it used to be known as “The city of Hundred Doors”. Luxor is considered by many to be the globe’s greatest open-air museum for the fact that on an area on 417 sq km lies some of the most majestic temples such as the Valley of the king, the Karnak temple and Queen Hatshepsut temple.


It is one of the most beautiful places in Egypt, so your Egypt itinerary wouldn’t be complete without Luxor. It’s sites are located on the West and East Banks of the Nile and are part of the ancient city of Theben.

Luxor was considered to be a very important city in Egypt Old Kingdom and the capital of Egypt during the New  Kingdom.

Millions of visitors from all over the world come every year to witness this incredible wonder. Magnificent sunset views and fun Nile Cruises complete the visit.

Exclusively only at Dabuka: Weekly arrival via the oases of Bahareya, Farafra, Dakhla & Kharga! Let the grandiose landscape put you in the mood for the wonders of Luxor.

Our Luxor Modules:


East & West Bank 1 day 65$






West Bank 1 day 89$





Pharaohnic columns


East Bank 45$






Dendera & Abydos 45$






Hot Air Balloon 80$






Felucca ride at Sunset 36$





Airport Transfer 25$



Luxor to Hurghada 75$