Country information Sudan

Sudan, the third largest country in Africa, is an original, mysterious destination – still unknown to most. African meets Arabic culture. Its history is linked to that of ancient Egypt.
Archaeological sites, the desert landscape, the beauty of the Nile cataracts, the hidden Nubian villages and the welcoming people make Sudan an innovative, unexpected destination.
Some data about the country:
Size: 1,886 million square kilometers.
Climate: Sudan experiences mean annual temperatures between 26°C and 32°C, with summer temperatures in the north often
exceeding 43°C. Rainfall in Sudan is unreliable and erratic, with great variation experienced between northern and southern
Capital: Khartoum, approx. 5,274 million inhabitants (2021)
Population: approx. 45,66 million (2021)
National language: Multilingual country dominated by Sudanese Arabic. The official languages of Sudan are Literary Arabic
and English.
Religion: Approx. 91 percent of the population is Muslim, 5.4 percent Christian, 2.8 percent follow folk religions, and the
remainder follow other religions or are unaffiliated. Some religious advocacy groups estimate non-Muslims make up more than
13 percent of the population.
We are offering you mainly two different trips to Sudan always combined with Egypt. One will be along the Nile between Khartoum and Aswan (Egypt) or vise versa. The second trip is a desert expedition that will bring you to the Sudanese part of the Gebel Uweynat with its rock-arts.
We can also offer an individual group trip to Sudan starting and ending in Egypt.