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Diving Spot with Red Sea’s Best: Liveaboard Diving at Brothers, Daedalus, and Elphinstone

A diving spot with a liveaboard trip in the Red Sea offers unmatched access to the famed Golden Triangle dive sites: Brothers, Daedalus, and Elphinstone. These gems promise not only breathtaking landscapes but also frequent sightings of large marine life. Unquestionably they are a haven for divers seeking both adventure and beauty.

 Markedly a treasure trove in the Red Sea, the diving spot  Brothers Islands dazzle divers with their coral-encrusted wrecks. The diverse marine life include even sharks. In fact it’s an underwater adventure unlike any other.

  The diving spot called Daedalus Reef stands out as a must-visit for those who explore the Red Sea by liveaboard. People know the spot for its pristine conditions and hammerhead shark encounters. Indeed, its isolated beauty captivates all who dive here.

In addition, the diving spot Elphinstone Reef offers dives filled with dramatic underwater landscapes.  Indeed here you have chances to see the rare oceanic whitetip shark. The nutrient-rich currents support a vibrant ecosystem and obviously each dive here is a unique experience.

With this in mind, if you choose a liveaboard for these destinations, it enriches your Red Sea diving adventure. Obviously, you explore special diving spots. So you encounter historical wrecks for example and majestic sharks.  In this situation you marvel at the underwater diversity in comfort. In summary, these iconic sites embody the ultimate diving dream. They offer an unparalleled experience beneath the waves.

As this is a liveaboard tour, each lasting 8 days and 7 nights, the itinerary may change due to weather conditions. The tour begins and ends on a Saturday.

Brüder As a diving spot it is one of the most astonishing diving areas, not only in the southern part but throughout the Red Sea. Basically, the Brothers Islands are somewhat isolated and thus reserved for only a few privileged individuals. They are barely visible and easy to overlook, except for the Victorian stone tower, a legacy of British rule, which rises about 32 meters above Big Brother Island.

Daedalus-Riff  Furthermore the diving spot Daedalus Reef (also known as Abu Kizan) is a 400-meter-long and 100-meter-wide standalone reef in the Egyptian Red Sea, approximately 90 kilometers from Marsa Alam.

In the middle of the reef, there is a small artificial island hosting a lighthouse built in 1863 and rebuilt in 1931. Daedalus Reef is a renowned diving spot due to good chances of seeing pelagic fish, such as hammerhead sharks, and an abundance of corals. During the high season, many dive safari boats stay here overnight, anchored to the reef.

Elphinstone This long, finger-like reef stretches from north to south in the open Red Sea. As can be seen, steep walls drop to the depths on the reef’s east and west sides, while the north and south ends of the reefs are marked by submerged plateaus. Particularly sharks often swim by to feed on the abundant reef fish population.

Undoubtedly, this liveaboard tour offers an unforgettable adventure through some of the most spectacular underwater landscapes of the Red Sea. In fact, each diving site has its own unique features and inhabitants waiting to be discovered by adventurous divers. During the course of the tour, the itinerary may change or the possibility to visit certain diving sites may vary due to weather conditions. In other words - each tour is a unique experience.

Buchungs- und Stornierungsbedingungen:*

*We require a 50% deposit at booking, with the balance due 30 days before departure.


* Cancellations 90 days or more before departure receive a full refund minus non-refundable fees.

Cancellations within 35 days of departure are non-refundable.

  • Free DAN dive accident insurance (if trip value > USD 2500 per person)
  • Tauchgenehmigungen, Steuern, Meeresparkgebühren, Hafengebühren
  • Full board
  • Nitrox
  • Weight belt/weights/12l tank(s)
  • Free Wi-Fi (depending on coverage)
  • Dive guides
  • Entry Visa
  • Equipment rental, special tank requests, shop items etc.
  • Crew tips (usually around 10EUR per day)
  • Transfer to/from the airport (round-trip)
  • Diving Insurance (7 Euros)
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A liveaboard diving safari is a multi-day trip on a boat specifically designed for scuba diving activities. During the safari, you live aboard the boat, dive multiple times a day, and explore various underwater sites. Our regular duration is 8 days / 7 nighs.

A liveaboard diving safari is suitable for certified divers who are comfortable with multiple dives per day and being on a boat for an extended period. It's ideal for those who want to maximize their diving experience and explore remote dive sites.

You should bring your personal dive equipment (or plan to rent), comfortable clothing, swimwear, sun protection (hat, sunscreen, sunglasses), a towel, toiletries, a camera, and any medications you might need. Check if your trip provides dive gear to avoid packing unnecessary items

A typical day includes multiple dives (usually three to four), meals, briefings, and free time to relax or explore the boat. The schedule may vary depending on dive sites and weather conditions, but it usually involves early morning and night dives.

Yes, full board meals and drinks (excluding alcohol) are typically included in the trip package. You'll be provided with breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks in between dives.

If the weather is bad, the crew will adjust the itinerary to ensure safety and comfort. This may involve changing dive sites, altering the schedule, or, in extreme cases, suspending diving activities until conditions improve.

Yes, solo travelers are welcome on liveaboard diving safaris. You will be paired with a dive buddy if needed, and you'll have the opportunity to meet and dive with other diving enthusiasts on the trip.

Most liveaboard boats are equipped with basic medical supplies and have crew members trained in first aid. However, for serious medical issues, evacuation to the nearest hospital or medical facility may be necessary. It's recommended to have diving insurance that covers such situations.

The Red Sea is renowned for its diverse marine life, vibrant coral reefs, and historical shipwrecks. A liveaboard diving safari offers the opportunity to explore these unique sites extensively, ensuring a rich and immersive diving experience.