Middle Egypt is the section of land between lower Egypt and Upper Egypt, stretching upstream from Asyut in the south to Memphis in the north.

Middle Egypt today can be identified as the part of the Nile Valley that, while geographically part of Upper Egypt, is culturally closer to Lower Egypt.

In addition to the more well-known regions of the country, this is often somewhat neglected – wrongly so, we think!

Middle Egypt is also called “Real Egypt”

Minya is called Arous al Saheed “The Bride of Upper Egypt”.

Historically and culturally this area has so much to offer. Did you know –

  1. It is home of many Egyptian cultural icons, such as the great writer Taha Hussein, famous musician Ammar El Sherei und pioneering feminist leased Hoda Sha’ arawi.
  2. Here was the birthplace of Maria the Copt who married the Prophet Mohammad.
  3. The governorate is considered one of Egypt’s agricultural governorates, producing cotton, wheat, corn, potatoes and sugar cane. Also Egypt’s so called “black honey” has its origin here.
  4. It is a paradise for archeology lovers with the important sites of Tuna el-Gebel, Tel Al-Amarna and El-Bahnasa, as well as important ancient mosques. The Monastery of the Virgin is located about 2 kilometers from the Eastern Desert Road.
  5. It is one of the most important Christian sites, which the Holy Family went through and stayed at during their journey in Egypt.

Only with Dabuka you live in the midst of this beautiful area on a privately run farm, away from urban life..

From here you can take walks through the fields, where you can watch the daily hustle and bustle of the rural population.

You can also climb up to a small rock church or visit other caves, that were once used as shelters.

Even a short felucca ride to a nearby island is possible, where you will be most likely the only visitors.

We are sure – it is worth it!

Our Middle Egypt Modules:


Taste of Real Egypt (From Cairo 2 days)            397$


Tuna el Gebel & Beni Hassan                                565$

Tell Amarna & Beni Hassan

Ancient Coptic Churches in Minya

In the footsteps of the Holy Family  15 days     3190$

Country life

Exploration spirt around Deir Abu Hinis

The Revolutionist Echnaton

Treasures of Middle Egypt

Deir Abu Hinis & more…

Hidden Treasures

Following the Holy Family (part 2) south


Felucca ride for the sunset 2h   25$



Minya – Cairo  100$