Kairo is one of the world’s great megacities called also the City of the Thousand Minarets.

For historical sightseeing, there are few cities that can compete with Cairo, but “Umm el Dunja” – the “Mother of the World” offers many more things to do that just museums and mosques.

“Cairo is one of the greatest storehouses of human achievement on earth, ranging from the pharaonic through the Christian and Islamic periods to the Belle Epoque.”
― Michael Haag, Cadogan Guide Cairo,

A visit can jangle your nerves, but it’s a small price to pay to tap into the energy of this place.

In addition to the main attractions such as the pyramids or Khan Al Khalili, the largest bazaar in the Arab world, we will take you also to experience the icing on the cake.

Unser Cairo City Tours can be put together individually and you get an all-inclusive service package (some ideas are below).

We have also the right car for you – with or without driver and private accommodation if desired. Walks on historical ground ( link – city walks) are just as much part of our offer as special museums

We help with souvenir shopping where you don’t feel like you’re being ripped off and are available nearly 24 hours a day for special requests.

Find here our Cairo Modules:

Fly over the Pyramids  148$  weather fixed

Fly over the Pyramids 168$. weather free



Geographische Gesellschaft  25$                        3-4h





Full-Moon Hike in Wadi Digla  35$       5-6h



Natural Hike in Gallala Mountain     1 day    105$




Musuem of Civilzation   75$

have a look at the 22 mumies



Three of the Best 80$






Islamic Cairo                                              1/2 day                 45$



Mystery of Mohamed Ali 66$                   1/2 day


Inside a grave in Sakkara - there are always still new findings in Sakara. It seems that that place is a never ending treasure


Pyramids beside the Mainstrem 60$   1/2 day





Egyptian Museum, Cidatel & Khan el Khalil                 25$



Felucca on the Nile & lunch                                               70$



Ain Sokna                                                                               35$

Private tour Egyptian Museum                                             39$

St. Catherine                                              2 days                    360$

Wekalet el Ghouri      35$




Cairo by night 79$                                           6h



Sound & Light Pyramids                              45$